"Appalachia. A mysterious, mountainous pocket of the United States widely known for its Trail, its legendary feuds and its coal, thanks to countless historical fiction novels and, of course, Hollywood. But fewer of us actually know what it is to reside in this sliver of land, sidled up to either side of the mountain chain that stretches from southern New York state to northern Alabama and Mississippi. Aaron Blum, however, knows it well."

Tamara Hilmes


Aaron Blum is a proud eighth-generation Scots-Irish Appalachian from the mountains of West Virginia who has lived in Pittsburgh since 2010.  He has always been aware of the views that others hold of his home, and his artwork is a product of his exploration of what it means to be Appalachian.  After graduating with degrees in photography from West Virginia University and Syracuse University, Aaron immediately began receiving recognition for his work including the Juror’s Choice Award at Center: Santa Fe, Critical Mass top 50, and an Emerging Artist Honorable Mention from the Magenta Foundation.  His work has been featured by Fraction Magazine, CNN, BBC and Aint-Bad among others and is in the permanent collection at both the Haggerty Museum of Art and the Houston Museum of Fine Art. 




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